The Trestle Table

A 2” thick oak tabletop sits atop a classic railroad trestle type base. The top is finished in an espresso satin stain which has been worked by our staff to create a more weathered look to match the décor in the client’s house. Size of both the base and tabletop are completely customizable to meet your needs.

Shown 44” W, 80” L, 30” H

The I-Chic Marble Top Table

The “I” stands for Industrial, which is not a word you’d normally see associated with chic, but this is no normal table.  The modern styling of the I-Chic dining table uniquely combines timeless elegance with an industrial edge. Put Opal White Marble together with Gold-Tempered Steel and you get two more words that don’t normally come together – Indestructible Luxury. Generous in size, the I-Chic comfortably fits up to eight people but we’ll happily build it smaller (or bigger) to suit your space. While this table is topped in a sleek marble, we are happy to make the top out of any other type of stone, wood or metal to fit your style.

Shown: 44″ W x 84″ L x 30″ H

The Farmhouse Table

Equally at home in your kitchen dining area or a small conference room, this simple but rugged table is constructed with two sturdy planks and joined by a metal strap that matches the heavy duty square steel base. The wood top in the photo has been distressed by our staff but we can finish the table top anyway you like.

Shown: 53” W, 98” L, 30” H

The Abrams Table

Named for the current U.S. Main Battle tank, this impressive conference table is designed to be the centerpiece of any larger conference room, board room or dining room. One look at this table and you’ll know why it was named after a tank. Measuring 12-feet long and over 4-feet wide, the huge steel pillars not only support the massive tabletop, but also serve as an integral part of the look for this piece. Our customer liked the base so much that we built in a glass centerpiece, so you can see the pillars while sitting around the table. The table top can be customized in any type of wood, steel or even marble. Cut-outs or A/V boxes can also be installed at your request.

Shown 50” W, 144” L, 30” H

The Reactor High-Top Table

Ever seen the inside of a nuclear reactor? Ok, neither have we, but with all of this layered metal, rods and gears we figured it had to look a little like this table. Built to withstand commercial use in any bar/restaurant, this piece is equally at home anywhere in your house. With three interconnected heavy-duty jacks and a hand crank that adjusts to sitting or standing height, this table is sure to impress anyone who lays eyes on it, even if they have seen a nuclear reactor.

Shown 50” round top, 30” – 42” H