Downdraft Tables

We can build a table to house nearly any commercially produced downdraft table. The smaller tables pictured were built for Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) and house the Baileigh DDTM-5592. The larger table houses a custom downdraft unit and can be customized to fit any size you need. Both tables have custom stainless steel tops that can be perforated in any pattern you like.

Utility Tables

We have built tables in just about any size you can imagine. From 3’x3’ all the way up to 4’ x 14’ we have made them all. Our standard tables are constructed with 2” square tube and topped with stainless steel. We can powder coat the frames any color you like and the tops can be made in wood, steel or aluminum.

What’s better than the strongest utility table you can buy? The same table with an integrated tool box (or tool boxes)! Just say the word and we can add lockable storage to your work table. From the classy stainless topped tables with Rousseau and Husky boxes to the brutish all steel models, these tables get the job done. (These weigh almost 1,500 pounds each – local delivery only on these!) We built these for a local golf course maintenance shop, but we can make a bench to suit any need.